Why Max?

At Max Tennis, we endeavour to develop the person and the player



Max Tennis has been fine tuning it’s coaching methods since 1997. Under the guidance of Andrew Sun, the only Tennis Australia High Performance Coach in the area, our coaching programs are always undergoing consistent review. This ensures each individual player receives the best coaching information, delivered in the most effective way.

World’s Best Practice

Due to Andrew’s initiatives, best practice teaching methods and coaching philosophies are assured. No old incorrect teachings such as “back scratching” on serves, or “punching” of volleys. As one of Australia’s leading Coach Educators for Tennis Australia Coaching Courses, he is regarded as one of the best technical coaches in the industry. All of these skills are filtered down into each coaching programs to ensure all players are taught correctly.

Complete Pupil Development

Max Tennis programs not only teach each player how‚to play this great sport, they teach other skills that can be transferred to all aspects of their lives. Integrated within each lesson, skills such as problem solving, communication, teamwork, treating others with respect and how to look at the positive side of every situation are intertwined into every class.

Learn To Play More Quickly

Our on-court activities always ensure that all the players are participating in one form or another. Players are never in lines waiting their turn; a player will never hit 1 shot and run to the end of the line awaiting their next shot. We teach the players to serve and rally from their first lesson. We ensure every player is active for the entire lesson. As a result, they are more likely to practice if they can play without the coach as they can play with their family or their friends.

Right Environment

Courts, balls and racquets are scaled to the appropriate size of the player, therefore making it easier to learn the skills faster. Players learn to move with balance and use realistic footwork patterns. As a result rallies are longer, and kids actually learn to play!!

Quality Control

As part of ensuring the coaching programs are always of the highest quality, Andrew constantly monitors and professionally develops each of his coaching staff. This is done on the job‚ at staff training and by way of a coaching manual written by Andrew. All feedback from customers is welcomed and implemented as soon as possible.